WordPress Maintenance Services

With our WordPress maintenance service you have a dedicated team to keep your website safe, updated and with the best performance

What BeCody Will Do for You


Site security configurations are actively monitored and adjusted according to your needs


Backups on the cloud. React to any incident or disaster with speed and be back online in no time


Frequent reports delivered to your mailbox with all the information regarding your website


Your site speed will be evaluated and increased to make sure your customers have the best possible experience


Fully automated updates for your plugins and core WordPress.


Receive an alert if there are any issues or downtime with your website

How It Works

Our onboarding process is fully handled by our team. We are usually able to onboard our new customers in a 24h period.

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Our base plan
29 Monthly
  • Monthly Reports
  • Weekly Updates
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Daily Backups


Semi Pro plus:
59 Monthly
  • Daily Updates
  • Backups 2x day
  • Security Optimization
  • Performance Optimization


Pro Plus:
159 Monthly
  • Backups 4x day
  • Media Optimization
  • CDN
  • 2h Consultation per month

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Great Reviews

Learn about Cactus from other users and start exploring plants in your surroundings

My Personal Training website has been maintained by BeCody for over a year with great results!

Bruno, Personal Trainer

Great service and response time!

Maria, ecommerce owner

Becody has been a partner since day one of our business, cannot recommend them enough!

Joe, Rental Car Business

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With our plans you have access to a suite of Pro Plugins and our support in their implementation and usage

Image Optimization

Smush Pro - The most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress

Site Performance

Hummingbird Pro - The speed optimization plugin that makes your websites fly


SmartCrawl Pro - Rank higher on search with our smart WordPress SEO plugin


Defender Pro - The one-stop security plugin that keeps your websites safe in a few clicks


Snapshot Pro - Automated and space-efficient backups with secure off-site storage

Customize Analytics

Beehive Pro - Customizable Google Analytics dashboards, statistics, and reports

Forms Builder

Forminator Pro - Interactive forms, polls, and quizzes to increase user engagement

Marketing tools

Hustle Pro - Grow your audience with easy-to-create marketing campaigns

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